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  What shall I do with my ex boyfriend?
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  What shall I do with my ex boyfriend? Datum:28.02.19 21:15 IP: gespeichert Moderator melden

This is out of my real life.

Our separation after seven years of quite intense relationship is still very fresh. To be honest I quit, I had my personal reasons and it still is a very difficult situation for me. I found a new place to live in a student home, made their some new friends and lived my new life as a single.

So after some cool down phase me and Manfred started to communicate again. After some times we met at a neutral place and then we see each other more quite often. But nothing happened because this guy started some new long distance relationship. For me I am still pissed and not really ready for something new.

Everything started some weeks ago when my ex boyfriend Manfred came over to my place. We made out together but had no condoms. So we almost did it without but finally both used our hands to finish the partner and yes the guy was so horny. He gave it to me really intense. But what I did I slowed.aviements down and touched everything but his wang.

At the very end I started to talk, just gave him some bad conscience about his new girlfriend and let his standing big brick untouched and sent him home, literally throw him out. I just thought about his new girlfriend and how she did it with him.

Some days later I called and made him really some talk about his girlfriend and that he is focused too much to sex. He was quite embarrassed because I confronted him with the question if he masturbated after our meeting but he denied. Of course he was lying. I felt he wanted to see me again because he needs a woman desperately.
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